Saturday, 20 April 2013

Healing Power of Music for ADHD Children

My parents wanted me to become a professional musician, so I spent many years playing piano and ended up graduating college with BA in Music. I worked for a few years as a piano teacher and choir conductor when I met Dr. Michael Lazarev, a pediatrician who used music therapy to treat children with asthma. I quit my job as a musician and started working (as a volunteer) with asthmatic children. I decided to study music therapy but gradually got diverted to psychology. This was over 20 years ago... Since then I completed my BA, MA, and PhD in Psychology and now work as a clinical child psychologist for over 10 years. Yet, I still have a soft spot for music therapy, so I decided to write an article on benefits of music therapy for children with ADHD. Please have a look at my article "Healing Power of Music for ADHD Children" published at

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